Killink CSV

Killink CSV 1.14

Edits complex documents with delimited texts

Work with comma and tab-delimited text files by visualizing the contents of a document in a spreadsheet-like manner presenting separated values in an organized manner. The utility selects character types for automated recognition and has an option of converting texts between delimited formats.

Editing delimited text files can be a painful and ugly experience with a standard text editor such as NotePad. Data can look scattered, almost random. Killink CSV gives you a clear view of your data through its spreadsheet editor designed specifically for delimited text files such as comma separated values and tab delimited text files. Killink CSV supports any character delimited text file through it use of custom file types that you define with the delimiter character type of your choosing. Need to convert a delimited text file from one delimiter type to other? Killink CSV accomplishes this without the need for custom scripts or programming. Have you ever tried to print a character delimited file? Killink CSV provides an easy-to-read print format for delimited text files. Killink CSV is the easy answer for visualizing, editing and printing character delimited files.

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